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Mosul's latest News on the 1st day of Eve. ****updated***


According to PUKMedia.com

*Clashes has been reported in Sheikh Al-Fatihi Police Station between US Forces and Iraqi National Guards ING (Mostly ex-Peshmarga Kurds) on one hand, and Iraqi terrorists on the other.

* ING has entered the Al-Salam hospital this morning. This has led to clashes between terrorists and the INGs. PUKMedia reports that casualties are high between both sides.

* 3 Kurds have been beheaded by terrorists in Mosul, according to PUKMedia.com.
Peyamner.com's reporter from Mosul says that the three beheaded Kurds were killed yesterday and their corps were thrown infront of the Al-Salam Hospital.

Their only crime was being Kurds. One of them is called Goran Aziz and he is 45 years. He is from Bardarash village and the other 2 are from Akre, all regions under the control of the Kurdistan Government.
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