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No one gives a damn

People are enjoying the second day of "Eve Jezhn". Streets are packed with people and restaurants and cafes are as busy as ever.

People are worried that the Iraqi cancer would spread to Kurdistan if Kurds participated in the fightings.
Despite that, Peyamner.com , a website close to Kurdistan Democratic Party said that the left-side of Mosul, a Kurdish populated area of Mosul is under control by ING, mostly ex-Kurdish Peshmargas. The website says that troubles are still occuring in the right side of Mosul.
Remember MOSUL was a city where both Saddams' sons, Uday & Qusay, were killed. Mosul has an Arab Sunni majority, a Kurdish minority, Assyrians and Chaldeans, and Yezidis.

These events are not just sudden events. They were building up since last year and they just exploded now.
The PUK says that the Police Forces in Mosul have just given in their stations to the insurgents, which has some Police elements as well.

Joke of the day....
Compare Al-Jazeera.com with CNN.com . Do you see any differences between the website designs ?! This is what I call hypocracy. They even copy American websites.

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