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Peshmargas free Mosul

Peshmarga forces have arrived in Mosul, after a day of riots by the terrorists and the Baathiests, according to Peyamner.com.
Peshmarga forces who joined the Iraqi National Guards (ING) from Sulaimani and Hawler (Erbil) have arrived in Mosul to control the city.

In a funny way, the police forces in Mosul yesterday gave in for a few terrorists. Police forces deserted the streets in Mosul after terrorists took control of 6 police stations.

I think this is all the Ameican Adminstrations fault in the first place. Mosul & Kirkuk should have been given to Kurdistan Regional Government just after Arpil the 9th 2003.
Logically, we had 2 governments in Kurdistan, Mosul & Kirkuk didn't even have police forces. But USA, and to please its ally Turkey, ordered the Peshmargas to leave Kirkuk & Mosul.
Well if I was the Kurdish leaders I would have told the Iraqi government, "Look, we said we will help in 2003, and you refused because of Turkey. Now when you are f***ed up, and have lost control of Mosul, you want me back ?!!!

This article talks about the terrorists terrorising Kurds & Christians in Mosul:

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