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RE: President Bush's Re-Election

The pre-election polls gave some mixed reactions on who will win the US elections. In Kurdistan people were very worried on who will win the elections. Many people watched the elections very eagerly.
I remember in 1992, people were against Bush The Senior, everyone was hoping that Bill Clinton should win. This was because people were looking at Bush The Senior as the US President who left us on our own when Saddam massacared hundreds of thousands.

But this time, Bush The Junior was looked at differently. Many people were hoping for the removal of the Baath party and Saddam Hussein, many waited and waited, died and never saw.
People think that Bush the Junior, even if it was for US's interested, removed Saddam and the Baath party, and this is a positive move.

Here are some views from the Middle East (BBC)

After Bush's victory, I think the US forces will withdraw. But not before they have passed through Iran or Syria!
Ali Mohammed Jum'aa, Kirkuk, Iraq

I personally would have chosen George Bush, because there is no way but to stand against regimes such as the Taleban and Saddam. The world cannot afford to negotiate with them.
Seyed Yashar Qezavati, Tehran, Iran

I was happy to hear that George Bush was elected again. The policies of the US are important for all countries no matter who becomes president. Mr Bush will follow his plans with more determination now and will continue what he has started. I think it is very likely that Iran will be liberated towards the end of his second term, because I am sure this is one of his plans.
Saeed, Tehran, Iran

The victory of the much admired George Bush proves that the American people always choose the right person for the right place in order to achieve a better future.
Ali Jawad, Baghdad, Iraq

Oh, Al-Jazeera saddest day was 3rd of November 2004.
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