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So what will happen to Kurdistan ?!

An interesting question. With 2 months before the General Iraqi Parlimentary elections (not presidential), the people of the Kurdistan wonder, what will happen to us ?!

Some agrees that Halabja & Anfal (genocide operations) won't be repeated, well, as long as the Americans are in the region, and some agree that we will not lose our autonomy that easily...But what most don't agree on is, "What will happen to us tomorrow ?!!"..

Living today without knowing what will happen to you tomorrow, is the biggest thing that worries the people of Kurdistan.

While suicide bombings and insurgent fightings are spread out all over Iraq. The people of Kurdistan, who are politically part of Iraq, are busy with their own lives.
The dream-peaceful democratic Iraq that US and its allies were dreaming of to happen after 9th of April 2003, didn't really happen (Sorry guys). So what is next ?

What will happen after the elections ?! Is insurgency going to stop in Iraq ?! Is the situation is getting any better ?

Asking these questions reminds the people of Kurdistan that they are part of Iraq. But, wait a minute, why should we ask these questions in the first place ?!!!

We are not responsible for the insurgency. We are being dragged in what it seems to be an ethnic war with the Arabs. Why should this happen in the first place?!

To solve this matter, most agree, that an independent Kurdistan would be the greatest solution.

If you are reading this and are not very aware of the historical situation of Iraq, you may say, "This is impossible".
Well it is not, an Ausutralian MP, Senator Ross Lightfoot visited Kurdistan in July. He is now in a favour of an independent Kurdistan to get the people of "Northern Iraq" out of this mess.

Also people are not happy about the Peshmargas being killed on a daily basis in Iraq. This report, Welcome to Kurdistan (while it lasts) is a perfect description of how the people of Kurdistan are thinking (not the leaders of course). A qoute from the this article :

Iraq is in fact, if not in law, two countries. Kurds refer to their area as Kurdistan and the rest as "Iraq". If the insurgents win and the Americans leave, the Arabs may try to punish the Kurds for their "betrayal" of Iraq by having become America's Gurkhas.

One day, while I was with a Kurdish government minister, a call came from a minister in the Baghdad government. The Kurdish minister became angry and told him: "Your authority stops at Baquba." Baquba is a town just south of the Green Line between Kurdish and Arab Iraq.

And life goes on.....
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