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Two Kurds Killed by Ansar Al-Islam in Mosul
2 Kurds have been shot dead in Mosul by Ansar Al-Islam. The Kurds were members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Their photos can be seen here.
Also, a group of other attacks targeting Kurds have been reported in Mosul.
PUK Peshmargas Kill 2 terrorists and arrest 2 in Mosul

PUKMedia.com has reported that today at around 3.00 p.m local time a group of terrorists have attacked the PUK headquarter in Al-Karama district in Mosul. They have attacked the PUK building from a neighbouring building in order to succeed in their plan.
The PUK Peshmargas have killed 2 of the terrorists and wounded two. The 2 wounded have started to beg for their lives. The Peshmargas have given them first aids and have handed them to the Iraqi Police.
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