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updates from Mosul

* Despite the arrival of the ING (Peshmerga) from Sulaimani & Hawler (Erbil) , the PUKMedia website reports that there are still riots going on in Mosul especially from the right side of the Tigris river.
*Armed men are travelling in their cars brandishing their guns and firing in the air.

*In "Hay Arabi" "The Arabic District" at around 2.30 Mosul local time, the US contractors agency in the region has been bombed. In the same distrcit, a "Reuters" reporter was beaten up and his camera was broken by the locals.

* In "Hay Nur" "Nur Distrcit", a Peshmarga convoy was attacked but no casualties were reported.

* A group called "Saraya Jihad" distributed leaflets telling people not to loot any governmental buildings.

*In the Turkmen city of Tall Afar, gunmen attacked the Tall Afar Prison and freed tens of prisoners.

*Mosul TV & Radio stopped from broadcasting because the towers were attacked by terrorists.
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