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Why elections should be postponed ?!

I know that President Bush and many Americans and some Iraqis would like to see the elections on 30th of January 2005, but we shouldn't rush for such a decisive event.

First of all, in 1992, the Kurdish parties rushed to elections, this lead to a bloody civil war just 2 years after the elections. The Sunnis have said that they will not participate in the elections. Excluding the Sunnis from the Iraqi elections, means that a vital group of the Iraqi people will not be represented in the elections and hence, any laws passed by this Parliament will not be representing all the Iraqi factions.

The Kurdistan parties wish to postpone the elections because of the difficulty of the weather. In the mountains, where most of the villages are, sometimes it will snow 1 or 2 meters. This year, for the first time for centuries, it snowed in November, which could mean that major roads could be closed in January due to the snow.
In the Kurdish calendar, "January" is called "Bafranbar" or "The month of snow". So, a huge number of villagers and others from the smaller mountainous cities will not be able to participate in this great democratic event due to snow.

The main people who oppose postponing the elections, might be the Shi'as. I saw a call-in programme on Al-Fayha (A pro-Shi'a satellite channel), and most of the callers were opposing postponing the elections. Some were accusing Kurds and some were accusing Sunnis. Some were saying that this is mentioned in the TAL (Transitional Administration Laws) and must not let to happen because this defies TAL.

Unfortunately these forget that TAL is not existing. No one from the Iraqi elections are referring to TAL. Actually Al-Sistani threatened that if UN approved TAL, he will use his magic stick. So now what is the deal with TAL given that they don't even recognise it ?!
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