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Zarqawi in Kirkuk ?!
PUK's television said in its News round-up that Kirkuk's police forces have been informed that a group of terrorists, and possibly, the Jordanian-born Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi has arrived in Kirkuk after his stronghold place of Fallujah was cleaned up by US forces.

PUKMedia.com has also reported on the same issue qouting Col. Turhan Abdurahaman, the cheif of Kirkuk Police saying that "Terrorists have been arriving in Haweeja, and Hay Al-Aruba (Arabism District) in the recent days. A group of 35 terrorists have been arrested in Al-Aruba district. They were disguising as "workers".

Haweeja is a mainly-Arab populated small city near Kirkuk and has seen anti-Kurdish and anti-US movements since April the 9th 2003.

*In other developments, 16 Iraqi political parties have came to a conclusion to participate with a single list. But they have not agreed yet.
Of the popular political parties are "Patriotic Union of Kurdistan" , "Kurdistan Democratic Party", "Islamic Party of Kurdistan" "Socialist Arabic Movement" , "Iraqi Communist Party", "The Iraqi United Union" and a few others.

One of the hot discussions was, delaying Kirkuk's council elections. This is because the Arab settlers have not "YET" returned to their homes in south Iraq and the Kurdish refugees have not "YET" returned to their homes in Kirkuk.

What of the things which stunned me was when I saw the most popular Iraqi leader speaking in a pure Kurdish. Mosen Abdul-Aziz, who last year according to some western polls, was the favourite person to lead Iraq, is from Kirkuk and he is Kurdish. But he is leading a Sunni Islamic party. Check out the photo :

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