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American anti-Kurdistan policy continues.

US forces remove a Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk.

The image of Kurdistan flag was defaced. This flag is as holly as any other national flag in the world.
It seems that the American policy in Iraq is to "Respect those who kick you hard".
After the killing 4 Kurds in Kirkuk last week, another Kurd was murdered yesterday. Kurdish families are being deported from the town of Haweeja
Yesterday a massive demonstration took place in Kirkuk to condemn the anti-Kurdish attacks in Kirkuk.
Today the American forces in Almas district removed a huge Kurdistan flag with white paint.
After this stupid move by the American soldiers, angry protesters ran to the streets of Almas.
What the hell the Americans are doing ?! What is in a flag ?! Can the American authorities in USA remove a flag of a football team ?!

The only people who don't attack the Americans is in Iraq is Kurds. It seems that the Americans intentionally want to turn Kurds against themselves. Otherwise, why touch a flag which represents a nation ?!

Imagine if someone removed an American flag in USA. What would your reaction be ?
Not just USA, imagine if you support a football team and someone comes and burns your flag ?!

I was talking with a group of friends and we came to the conclusion that unless you show your muscles to the Americans, they don't respect you.
Otherwise, Muqtada Al-Sadder gunned down a few US soldiers, he got what he wanted. Sistani threatened with a revolution, got what he wanted.
The Sunnis are doing what they can now, and they will get what they want. It is only Kurds. We are just standing by and we are not getting anything at all. Yet, despite all these anti-Kurdish campaigns, you see your main ally intimidating and insulting you.

Oh yeah, and referendum signitures arrived in United Nations. Bring on independence ! We don't like to live in an (Arab Islamic Iraq).
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