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Daily assasinations of Kurds in Kirkuk

* 3 Kurds killed in Kirkuk (17 December 2004)
KIRKUK, (AFP) - Three people were killed in a missile attack on a Kirkuk camp for Kurdish returnees in what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to stoke communal tensions in Iraq 's northern oil capital ahead of next month's elections.

* 4 Kurds killed in Haweeja, Kirkuk
Unknown gunmen shot dead four Kurds in a market in Iraq's northern town of Hawija on Sunday, the second such attack in as many days, police said.

These and many more daily mortar attacks on the Kurdish neighbourhoods and the Kurdish refugee camps in Kirkuk, seems to be an organised attack by the settlers and the Baathiests to intesify the tensions in Kirkuk in order to stop the returning of the Kurdish refugees to that town.

In other developments, the Iraqi Vice President Roj Shawayas (A Kurd) said "The elections in Kirkuk should be postponed until all the refugees return to their original places". He said that "The Kurdish political party have all the rights to respond if these elections were not postponed".

Why postponing the Kirkuk elections ?!

There are still more than 200 000 Kurdish refugees from Kirkuk and surrounding areas living under tents while their original homes are occupied by Arab settlers from South Iraq.
These refugees are not allowed to vote. That means that the settlers will win the elections in Kirkuk. If the settlers win the elections in Kirkuk, they don't want the Kurdish refugees back in Kirkuk, that is common sense. They are occupying the refugees homes, so they would never say "welcome back" to some people they kicked them out themselves.
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