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Dream on if you think elections will turn Iraq into a heaven

Whenever we see an Iraqi/American/British official all they remind us is "After elections things go better". Not just once, but millions of times.

This is so not true. Do these guys know what the election is about ?!

This coming election will not, under any circumstances :

1. Will not Make Iraq any safer.
2. Will not stop terrorist attacks on US soldiers and innocent civilians.
3. Will not provide security, oil, and electricity to normal ordinary people.
4. Will not stop terrorists sabotaging the pipelines.

It will ONLY give George W. Bush & Tony Blair the back-up they need when they face their own people. That time they will say "Look that is not our problem, Iraq has an elected free democratic government now".

Elections are not some magic-sticks that could touch Iraq and make it as safe as heaven. I remember in 1992 before the Kurdistani general elections, we had this view of Kurdistan after the elections. A free, organised, democratic, western style country.
There was even some TV serieses called "After the Parliament". In these TV programmes, they used to show Kurdistan as a (arms-free), democratic, prosperous country. In the shows, a few people were saying "When is this going to happen"? The answer and the end of the show was "Dwaii Parlaman" "After electing the Parliament".

But, after the elections, Kurdistan turned into hell. A bloody civil war that continued for about 7 years devastated the country.

So anyone thinking that this Iraqi election is going to make things anything better, should stop thinking about that now. Yes if you are George W. Bush or Tony Blair, it will help a lot. But if you are some poor Iraqi family then forget it about it.

It is true that elections must be held to be democratic, but come on, if you don't have electricity, and don't have enough oil to burn to make you warm, and not feel safe enough to go out, would you really care about who really governs you ?

P.S. there was so much stuff on my mind to talk about but I have been very busy lately. I don't know why elections came up to my mind but anyways.
Many thanks to those who have emailed me I will reply as soon as possible. Oh yeah, don't forget, Merry Christmas ! (is it too early ?!).
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