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Great Photos from Kurdistan.

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101 Photos, 101 comments ! Great entertainment.

A military base ? Not at all..

Maureen writes : Red Security Building in Sulaimaniya with Iraqi tanks in foreground - it is now a museum

It took two days controlling this building in March 1991 during the Kurdish uprising. Around 400-500 Baathiests were killed in that building.
Later in 1993 it became a shelter for the Kurdish refugees who were kicked out from Kirkuk.
In 1999 the building the Kirkuk refugees were relocated. In 2001 plans were made to turn it into a a national museum. Now (Amna Suraka) is one of the must-see places in Sulaimani.

A tour inside the Halabja Monument

Maureen comments The original door taken from the house in Halabja

There is another sign infront of the monument which says "Baathiests are not allowed to enter".
Check out the rest of the album.

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