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I will NOT vote because :

* A report published by the Kurdistan Regional Government's Human Rights Ministry, announced that this year 130 Kurds have been beheaded in 2004 by terrorists. (Hawlati.com). Voting for Iraq, means more Kurds killed in Iraq.

* The so called "Kurdistan Alliance" list, which is created by the 2 ruling Kurdish parties for the upcoming elections, has some of the Kurdish Baathiests who participated in killing innocent people in the 1980s [Hawlati.com]. So shall I vote for my killers ?!

* 500 Kurdish families, estimated to be 3000 people, have been forced out of the Kirkuk town of Haweeja by Arab nationalists. We thought in the new Iraq we won't be forced out from our homes because of our identity. But it seems no difference. Shall I vote for my ethnic cleansers ?!

* Around 200 000 refugees are still waiting to return to Kirkuk, they live in tents in the worst conditions ever, the Iraqi Defence Ministry is forcing the Kirkuk Council to give lands to the former members of the Iraqi Army from Southern Iraq. Yet another wave of Arabisatoin by the new rulers of Iraq. It seems that the Iraqi government is not actually thinking of solving any problems in Kirkuk, and they seem to continue their ethnic-cleansing started by their former boss "Saddam Hussein" in Kirkuk. [pdf file, ASO newspaper, original documents].

This is only a small scale of the problems. Problems on the ground are much more. Not to add the lack of oil, electricity, gas, and many more.
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