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The Iraqi Election Joke..... Iraqi Elections Special

Scenario One:
Location: Amman, Jordan. Theme: UN appointed-Iraqi election observers enjoy their hotel.

Observer 1: What a nice hotel....I wish we had the bigger suite.
Observer 2: Yeah dude...God bless the Iraqi elections..
Observer 1: So ...do you think it they will send us to Iraq to "observe" the elections there?
Observer2: You MUST be NUTS man. I ain't going to no Iraq to observe no elections. You want me DEAD ?!
Observer 1: Hang on a minute, I thought we were supposed to "Observe" the elections there. You know, making sure that no bad guys "cheat"..And ma....
Observer2: Listen man. Everyday 100s of Iraqis are killed by god damn Mickey Mouse & Capser and that other bad guy, what is his name, yeah Homer Simpsons. I heard that Al-Simpsons had said that if you kill 1 UN official you will be given a ticket to Heaven. So WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN THERE. We are staying where we are and we observe.

Observer 1: Hang on man that ain't fair. How can we observe from here ?! Look are you sure that we are "observing" the Iraqi elections and not the JORDANIAN elections ?!
Observer 2: Shut up man. You don't know how to live. You wanna get killed ? Get you A** to Iraq and observe their elections. I stay here, get my money, enjoy my holiday.... Oh forget it...You fancy a Heineken ????

Observer 1: Yeah...holiday....stupid me ....give me that heineken man ohhh I love the Iraqi elections...
Observer 2: Long Live Iraq !!! Look I can bounce on this bed....Yeay this is so much fun...

Next Scenario: Iraqi family in the Sunni triangle.
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