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Kirkuk is the "moment of truth" for Iraqis to prove loyality to people of Kurdistan

So ever wondered why Kurds prefer independence rather than a "United Iraq" ?! There must be a reason. The main reason is, the lack of trust between the successive Iraqi governments, and the people of Kurdistan.

Look at this image, Saddam Hussein, young and handsome, smilling happily, promising Kurds of "full citizenship rights" and "autonomy including Kirkuk" in 1970.

Look at the 2004 image, Iyad Allawi, the new Iraqi PM, smilling just like Saddam was in 1970, promising Kurds of "full citzenship rights" and "autonomy".

Some dude cried "wolves" three times and they called him a liar. The Iraqi governments call "full citizenship rights" since its creation, why we shouldn't call them liars ?

The Iraqi Election Committee in Kirkuk has banned 70,000 Kurds to participate in the elections in Kirkuk. (PUKMedia.com)
Iyad Allawi also says that "Iraq remains an Islamic Arab state"

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not an Arab, nor a proper Muslim, so why should I be part of it ?!

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