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Attack on Hawler (Erbil)

* Ansar Al-Sunnah claimed responsibility for the Hawler car bombing killing two innocents.

* 7 Turkmen parties claimed that they will boycott Kirkuk elections if Artcile 58 was not implemented.

* Election campaign has started.

* And finally, why we don't trust Turkish & other regional companies.
This is getting out of hands. The Turkish companies are getting most of the shares of the projects, but they don't do them properly. Despite their opposition to the war, and despite the Turkish government's anti-Kurdish stance, most of the business cakes are given to Turkish companies.

The roads of Sulaimani, now full of humps (basically looks like mountain roads rather than a modern city road) were done by a Turkish company.
Another Turkish company, DGT, signed an agreement to finish 4 schools within one year, now a year and a few months gone past, this is all they done :

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