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Kurds may not participate in Kirkuk Council Elections.

In a press conference for the Kurdish TVs and radios, the president of the Kurdistan parliament and the Vice President of Iraq, Rozh Nuri Shaways, said that we will ask for postponing the "Council Elections" in Kirkuk until "Article 58 of the Iraqi Administrative Law TAL" is applied in Kirkuk.

He said in case the Iraqi government refused postponing the elections, we will boycott "Council Elections" in Kirkuk.
This came after the Kurdish leaders "Barzani & Talabani" sent a letter to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Elections Committee to postpone the elections in Kirkuk until Article 58 of TAL is implemented in Kirkuk.

Article 58 states that the transitional government "shall act expeditiously to take measures to remedy the injustice caused by the previous regime's practices in altering the demographic character of certain regions, including Kirkuk."

Article 58 goes on to assert that residents displaced by practices like Arabization will either be given back their homes and property or compensated for them; that individuals who were moved to new regions under Saddam should be resettled back in their original homes, and that the new government should seek to restore altered provincial borders.

Article 58 has not been implemented in Kirkuk. It seems that the Iraqi government has no plans to change what Saddam did in Kirkuk. The Iraqi government might indeed agree with what Saddam did in Kirkuk. Not giving any help to resettle the Kurdish refugees in Kirkuk and not helping the Arab settlers to return to south Iraq are some signs of that.
Not just that, the American soldiers, were given "clean-up" jobs in Kirkuk. Not "cleaning-up" terrorists but cleaning up Kirkuk's streets from Kurdistan flags.
From time to time, they go in missions going in the streets in Kirkuk to remove all Kurdistan flags.
I mean can the American marines tell their natives Americans in USA that they are not allowed to fly their favourite football team's flag ?! So why we are not allowed to fly our "Kurdistan" flags in Kirkuk ?! What is in a flag ?!

It is impossible now to implement "Article 58" in just 6 weeks. Therefore Kirkuk's "Council Elections" will have to be delayed eventually.

If "Kurds" don't participate in the Kirkuk's council elections, it will make Kirkuk's elections invalid, since half of the city will not be represented in the council.
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