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Merry Christmas
Beware of terrorist Santas !

First of all, I'd like to wish everyone a merry christmas this year. Though we do not celeberate christmas (as we are supposed to be Muslims), but 25th of December is an official holiday in some parts of Kurdistan (PUK controlled Kurdistan). Christians (Kurdish Christians, Chaldeans and Assyrians) usually spend the day in the churches and they celeberate their eve.

One of the threats this year is a terrorist Santa. What if some terrorist diguised themselves as Santas and entered one of the churches to carry out their Jihad ?! Scary thoughts.

Usually the TV channels show the "Life of Jesus" movie every christmas in Kurdistan. Santas are usually appearing on streets on the New Year's Eve (31st of December), and they will be with some photographers who will be charging to take a photo with Santa.
Strange world. But never mind. Enjoy this Kurdish music video clip of Natalia, thanks to KurdNet.
Wish you a merry christmas !

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