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Saddam appeared in Fallujah ?! Joke of the year.

As we approach from the "We Got Him" day (only 3 more days), I found this Iraqi forums website with a message posted by the webmaster of the website saying that Saddam Hussein has participated in the recent Fallujah war.

The website says "The glorious leader Saddam Hussein appeared for a few minutes in Al-Nazil district amid a huge popular celeberations. He was loaded with weapons and he carried a AK47. He was shaved and had a few white lines in his hair. Then he went to meet with the Mujahidin and resistance leaders."

The webmaster claims to be from the Al-Faruq Jihadist brigades. I was waiting to read "and I woke up the next morning and said I had a nice dream". But he lead on to say how Saddam is a great man.

Then a few other forum members have posted slogans for the imprionsed dictator. They all have photos of him.

I think this meeting has taken place either via video-link from Saddam's prison room (which is impossible) or the webmaster had too much Al-Nakhka (Iraqi alcohol) to drink that night.
There is two types of Al-Nakhla, the official one with around %40 of alochol or the home-made one (FAL) (called the killer of Kurds in Kurdistan) which contains %95 of alcohol.
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