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Slaughter of Democracy

The two main Kurdish factions have agreed to enter the "Kurdistani" elections with a united list. Both (PUK) and (KDP) who rivalled each other in the first Kurdistani elections in 1992 are now entering the elections with a single list.

On the Iraqi level, both of these factions and some other Kurdish parties are entering the Iraqi elections with a single list. That is some good news at least.

To some Kurds, this is too good. But to others, this is described as the "Slaughter of Democracy".
Why ?!
First of all, these 2 parties have now divided the Kurdistan Parliament as follow :

Parliament contains 111 seats
PUK: 41 seats
KDP: 41 seats
ChaldoAssyrians: 7 seats
Turkmen : 4 seats
Others & Islamic parties : 18
The (KDP) will have the right to choose some "independent" members.

The President of the Kurdistan Government will be : Massoud Barzani (KDP)
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Government will be : Nechirvan Barzani (KDP)
The president of the Kurdistan Parliament will be : a PUK guy

Any top posts given to Kurds on the Iraqi level will go to : Jalal Talabani (PUK).

Now, so who is the opposition ?!

So far, a group of independent candidates have chosen themselves to participate. But these people lack financial support. They might be able to gather some votes, but I doubt it that they will win against this "Evil Coalition".

As these two parties "PUK" & "KDP" are not promising anything much to normal people, at this moment, any political party promising to work for an "Independent Kurdistan", will win the majority of votes.

But, this is what most people are asking. Even if the "independent" candidates win the election, will PUK & KDP come down from power ?! I doubt it.

In which democratic country the "Parliament" seats are distributed before the elections itself ?!

What we supposed to do is to go to polls and vote for them to legalise their rules. And that is what will happen.
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