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Unofficial referendum to take place in Kurdistan on the day of Iraqi elections

It has been a year since all Kurdistan have been busy with the "Referendum Movement". More than 1.7 Million signitures were collected last year in the presence of the world media.
Now after a year's work, these signitures were handed in to the United Nation to hold and supervise a referendum to see whether the people of Kurdistan would like to be part of Iraq, or else.
I just read it on a Turkish newspaper that the not very United Nations has commented that
UN: This many signatures could not be collected without anyone hearing about it in a place like northern Iraq

Without anyone hearing about it ?! What the hell Kofi Annan was up to then ? I guess he spends too much time on his facial goaty in the mornings he can't check out the news ?!
Nice goaty Mr. Annan. . But please, switch your news channel to BBC World sometimes will ya Mr. Annan ?! Too much Rock & Roll are not good for your ears.

So for that reason, the "Referendum Movement" has decided to hold an unofficial referendum on the 31st of January 2005, the day of the Iraqi elections.

I think the question to be asked will be "Do you want to be part of Iraq or no?" . Not a very hard question I guess, reading the comments posted by some Iraqis on Al-Jazeera's copy website of CNN, you might get some hints on what people might vote for.

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