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Who Got Him ?!

Well, that is not very important. "We Got Him" is what matters. It was the wish of every single freedom-loving human on this Earth, and this is why it doesn't matter.

Conflicting reports last year dazzled every single one of us, we still don't know "How, When, Who, etc" lead to Saddam's capture.

On the early hours of 14th of December 2003, a Kurdish website (yes KurdishMedia.com) published this :

Sulemani-Kurdistan (KurdishMedia.com) 14 December 2003: Saddam Hussein, the former President of the former Iraqi regime, was captured by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Kurdish sources close to KurdishMedia.com reported.
A speacial intelligence unit led by Mr Kosrat Rassul, a high ranking member of the PUK, found Saddam Hussein in the city of Tikrit, his birthplace. Kosrat’s team was accompanied by a group of US-soldiers.
Further details of the capture will emerge during the day; but the global Kurdish party is about to begin!

I was informed about this by a friend. I said "No way". This is another internet hoax.
Later, another news-break in, Reuters qouting "a Kurdish leader". This time "We all jumped...Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let's party"...
Thousands of people rushed to the streets all over Kurdistan. Celeberation started all over Iraq. This was like "Nightmare over..."..

You can not feel our happiness, I doubt it that any other human on this world has felt like the people in Iraq felt about Saddam's capture.
Saddam was the god father of all of us. We couldn't escape from him. Though in Kurdistan we have been free from him since 1991, but we still had contacts with the other parts of Iraq and we lived under his terror for almost 25 years.

As kids, when the teacher used to say stand up, we were forced to say "Long Live President Saddam", and sit down "We won against the infidel Persians". "Qiyam , 3asha al-qayd Saddam , Julus: Intasarna Ala Fursul-Majus" so imagine !!

Happy Anniversary everyone ! I heard that he [Saddam] has gone on a hunger-strike , like we care.
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