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30th January 2005, Iraqi or American elections ?!

I just read from different sources that most of the political parties participating in the elections on 30th of January have not released their candidate list due to security concerns. (except Kurdistan and some Shia parties).

Everyday 100s of Iraqis are being killed in different places. The United Nation observers are not coming to Iraq to observe the elections because of the secuirty conditions.

The Iraqis are not feeling safe enough to go out and vote. There are threats of blowing up "Election Polls". There are threats of killing candidates.

Yet we see the American government insisting of forcing Iraqis to go to polls to vote for uknown candidates.
I just wondered, is this going to be an Iraqi or American elections ?! If Iraqis don't know who they will vote for, if they don't feel safe to go to polls, how can they participate in an elections ?

As a Kurdish politician said once, "Americans like fast things, fast food, fast music, supersonic flights, and fast elections". But unfortunately, "Fast democracy" will not prevail. Democracy needs time, it can't be rushed.
Before any elections, there are pre-election preparations, where candidates compete between each other. They release their plans, they say vote for us we do that and that.
But in Iraq, candidates are unknown, their plans are unknown, yet the Americans insist of going to polls and voting for uknown candidates.

Democracy can not be rushed, and this elections need to be postponed until we are ready enough to feel safe enough to go to vote.
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