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Another US attack on Kurds in just 2 days

Last night US helicopters backed up by Iraqi National Guards and US Marines attacked Dar Jeel village near Kirkuk, reported Kurdistan TV.

Several Kurds were injuried and one man was killed in the attack. The US Marines as usual captured several innocents, according to Kurdistan TV.

The villagers were very angry at the US attack because they said their zone is outside the terrorists zone. One woman said "They come to bomb us blindly at 12 midnight, even the Baathists weren't doing that".
The Kurdistan TV reporter said "This is the second time they (didn't say US) attack their main allies in Iraq".
From the interviews everyone was very irritated of the random attacks. The Kurdistan TV reporter said that the people of the village are trying to organise a large response (didn't say if peaceful or not). The reporter continued to say that "They (again didn't say who) are trying to disturb the peace and stability of Kurdistan".

PUKMedia.com reported that 6 Kurds were captured in the attack. The killed man was named as "Ahmed Radha Shakir, 38 years of age".

Dar Jeel village's original inhabitants were forced to leave during the Arabisation campaign conducted by the former Iraqi regime (1960s-2003). They returned to their homes after April 2003.

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