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Celeberation for the Elections in the Snow !

It has been a few nights when everyone goes out at night celeberating the elections campaign in the freezing cold.
Snow has been falling in the recent days in some parts of Kurdistan but despite that people are happy for the elections coming up.

Here are the photos :

Snow in the Azmar mountains

Vehicles like this are being used with loud speakers in the elections campaign.

Cars with elections posters and loud speakers.

One of them crazy pre-election nights. Drive the way you want.

After the snow fall, many ran to the mountains to snow-fight !

Tight security !

Decorated buses !

the Sulaimani Public Park.

Another No-to-traffic polices night !

Heavy snow in some parts of Kurdistan (This is Penjwin near the Iranian boarder).

Turkmen Front Party also prepares for the elections.

Even more photos to come soon !
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