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F.A.Q Elections !

1) Why did you change your mind about participating in the elections ?

After allowing about 100,000 Kurdish refugees to participate in the Kirkuk elections, and seeing these letters from the US ambassidor in Iraq and Ayad Allawi giving their guarantees for a peaceful solution for the Kirkuk issue , I decided to participate.

2) Are you voting for Hungary in the Iraqi elections ?! (the poster on the right hand with number 173 on it)

There are a lot of Hungry parties in Kurdistan and Iraq but no that is the Kurdistan flag without the Sun. The Iraqi Elections Committee didn't allow the Kurdistan flag to be used as symbols in the elections for some uknown reasons. That is why they ended up with a flag similar to Hungary.
3) What is the funniest thing you have heard about the Iraqi elections !?

Some Faili Kurds (Shia Kurds) saying that if they don't vote for Sistani's list they are going to hell. Vote Sistani or enjoy the grill !

* More posters to come soon.
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