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I will be posting more elections posters soon. Check some of them in my previous post.
Yad has a very interesting story of a Kurdish family returning to Sulaimani this month after spending 20 years in Baghdad.
He asks :
"The Iraqis are between tow choices now, one they have to determine their future, the other they have to protect their life, both of them are important but if you were an Iraqi which one would you prefer?...... "

Post a reply on his blog.

While Simko asks "Who rules Iraq" ?

Xosh 7al a co-blogger at KBU is back with an interesting but rather hard to understand from a non-Kurdish view at KBU.

Hiwa is sharing his experience for registering to vote in the Iraqi elections.

Good work bloggers. We are covering up the elections more than any other Kurdish and Iraqi news media outlets.
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