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Iraqi President defends Anfal genocide leader

Three wife-d Iraqi President Ghazi Al-Yawar defends Sultan Hashem, the leader of the Iraqi Army in the genocide operations nicknamed "Anfal" (Spoils of War). Anfal was carried out by the former Iraqi government and anything "Kurdish" was meant to be destroyed in the 1980s. Around 5000 Kurdish villages were destroyed and estimated 200 000 Kurds were killed.
The Iraqi government carried this out in public and the Iraqi newspapers at that time were publishing their crimes in their newspapers.

In this newspaper (Al-Thaora number 6508, of 20/03/1988), Sultan Hashem says "From General Sultan Hashim Ahmad, the chief of Anfal Operation"
Sultan Hashim admits that he IS the leader of Anfal.

Look at what Ghazi Yawar says to Al-Arabiya

" personally , I personally, I will work very hard to get him (Sultan Hashem) released because there are no evidents to show that he is a criminal until now. Sultan Hashem was a professional military man and he was being respected by Iraqis".

So Mr. Al-Yawar, you think that a genocide scaled operation like "Anfal" is not a crime, what you think is a crime ?!

A referendum for freedom maybe ?!

Things like that keep Kurds away from "Iraq".
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