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Kurdish participation in the elections will be higher

More Kurds are expected to participate in the upcoming elections after 170,000 refugees in Kirkuk were let to vote.

The Election Committee has extended registering voters in Kirkuk until 25th of January 2005. Hence allowing more returning Kurdish refugees estimated to be 145,000 to be participating in the elections.

Before this stage, the number Arab voters in Kirkuk were higher than the number of Kurds. The Kurdish political parties have also announced that they will participate in the Kirkuk elections.
Also other good news :


Two former members of Saddam Hussein’s toppled party, the Baath Pary, voluntarily withdrew from participating in elections, Weekly Medyia reports. Namiq Reqib Surci and Jewko Muhammad Kelhi, both enlisted on the Kurdistan Alliance ballot ticket, said that they will not participate in provincial elections in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

I will publish the programme of the people that I vote for in the coming days.
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