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Not just "Turtles", we can also fly

Beleive it or not, turtles can fly, and so the people of Kurdistan. Strange world eih ?!
I can't remember the last time I saw a turtle, I guess it wasn't flying too. After the 2003 war, work on two airports began in Kurdistan. The first one which has officially started working is called "Hawler International Airport". . The second one which will start working is called "Sulaimani International Airport" will open on 15th of February 2005. Finally, we can fly. The first direct flight from Kurdistan to outside world has taken place a couple of days ago from Hawler (Erbil) to Jeddah (in Saudi Arabia) to transfer the Hajis (pilgrimagers) from Kurdistan to Saudi Arabia. (see photo).

Also, the Kurdish movie, "Turtles can fly" has been nominated to THE OSCARS 2005. This is the first time a Kurdish movie is entering this great international event. The movie has won several global awards in 2004.
The actors are not super-famous people, just ordinary children. A great movie to watch.

Haajis leaving for Saudi from Hawler International Airport.
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