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Polls show PUK will win in Sulaimani

A poll carried out by the Kudish weekly (Hawlati) shows that the PUK which already controlls Sulaimani , will win the majority of votes for the Sulaimani Council. (Different from Iraqi and Kurdistani parliaments elections).

The poll showed that PUK might get %37 of the votes while its rival KDP might only get %6 of the votes.
Sulaimani has been a PUK stronghold since the begining of the 1990s.

Remember that people will vote for the "Council members" based on the services that these people will get from them.
In 2000, PUK won the majority of votes in Sulaimani with more than %60. KDP didn't participate in that elections.

Simko has a weird formula here, try if you can solve it.
Yad complains that during the "Eve of Sacrifice" there is no electricity and water.
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