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Some photos of the Iraqi and Kurdistani elections

The 8000 years old castle of Arbil (Hawler) has two posters of the Kurdistani Alliance List (coalition of the two Kurdish ruling parties plus some other sattelite Kurdish, Islamic, Turkmen Chaldean , and Assyrian parties).

Hawlati, Kurdistan's most popular weekly newspaper has an advert for the Independents & Toilers list (number 173 for the Kurdistani elections).

This is another advert published in Hawlati newspaper says :
*Through a referendum, the people of Kurdistan freely must decide on their future.
*The Kurdistan parliament has total authority. It must has its own independent power and decisions.
*The return of Kirkuk and Khanaqeen and other Arabised Kurdish cities to Kurdistan's adminstrations.
*Annual budget for Kurdistan must be shared fairly.
*Support for a free market and foriegn investments in Kurdistan.
*Support youth and women's roles in politics and power sharing.
*Supoprt women's full rights in all legal documents.
*Equal opportunity for everyone. Rules for jobs must be assigned and support must be given for thouse who can't work.

At the bottom it says in bold :
Your vote for this list, is a vote for the independence of Kurdistan and the end of corruption.

A poster of Ayad Allawi's Iraqi Coalition List is torn up in Baghdad and a banner for the Kurdistani Alliance List is replacing it, in the run up for Sunday's first free Iraqi elections. The poster says "Kirkuk is the diamond of Kurdistan and it is the city of brotherhood".

Newand, another Kurdish newspaper supports the Independents & Toilers list for the Kurdistani elections on its main page.
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