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Some posters from the Kurdistani elections

Some posters of the united list of the KDP-PUK and Co. (Kurdistan National Democratic Alliance) running for the Kurdistan parliament.

This poster says"Installing the federalism system in Iraq's permenant constitution based on a voluntary union (means between Kurdistan and Iraq)."
My comments"Well that is if the Arabs agree with it. "

This poster says"Uniting both the Kurdistan administrations and protecting Kurdistan people's achievements. "
My comments"Since Clinton forced you to stop fighting each other in 1998 you promise to unite your administrations. Get real. "

This poster says"Increasing the salaries of the govermnetal staff."My comments"Do you mean your own salaries ?!"

This poster says"Each young man will get married to a girl like this. (Jokes) " No, it says "Giving more attention to youth and increasing women's participation in the society.
My comments"Just 2 weeks ago your security forces fired on a peaceful student's demo in Sulaimani. Is that how you give them attention ?!

This poster says"Legalising Turkomans, Assyrians, Chaldeans full political and cultural and ethnical rights "
My comments"I loved this one."

Even more posters and photos are coming soon. I don't want to flood the blog with posters. But only 4 days are left for the big day.

P.S. If any of the Kurdish readers or bloggers have enough time they can translate Asos Hardi's column in Hawlati's newspaper in which he gives a very good discription of the elections in Kurdistan. He says "In Iraq, I will vote for the KDP-PUK list, but in Kurdistan, there is no way I would vote for them". Column in Kurdish is here.
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