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Tomorrow 30th January 2005 (for the historians to remember):

1. Iraqi Elections.
2. Kurdistani elections.
3. City Council Elections.
4. Referendum on Kurdistan (Unofficial)

Tomorrow will be a historic day in the Middle East and the whole world generally. I think the Iraqi elections are now as famous as the American elections back in November.
As usual, the recent few nights people have been rallying and celeberating in the streets until late. Here are some more photos.

Cars in Sulaimani at around 12 a.m. Usually this street at that time of the day has a low traffic.

Referendum on Kurdistan to take place tomorrow :
The group seeking a referendum on Kurdistan will hold a popular unofficial referendum in all Kurdistan in every single polling station. There will be some monitors from some NGO (Non-governmental organisations). This is how the card will look like :

It says "What do you choose?"
Kurdistan part of Iraq. (tick the box near Iraq flag)
An independent Kurdistan. (tick the box near Kurdistan flag)

Mostly all the buses have been covered with posters of the political parties. The buses are private. So the posters depend on the driver's political sense.

The elected mayor of Sulaimani. Qader Jan was elected in 2000 by a majority of more than %60. He is expecting another win. He is on the PUK list. People like him because he has done very well in transforming Sulaimani city. This is during a press conference. The flag behind him is for the American City of Tuschon in which has signed partnership links with Sulaimani this summer.

Scroll down for more photos.
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