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US forces attack innocents in Irbil (Hawler), current capital of Kurdistan

Irbil Castle: One of the world's oldest continually settled towns, it has been continuously inhabited for about 8000 years (GlobalSecurity.Org)

The photos of the Barbaric US attack on peaceful Hawler (Irbil)

Last night at around 12 a.m. local time, a group of US soldiers backed up by US helicopters and fighter jets, attacked "Saydawa" district in Irbil (Hawler).

The US forces claimed that a house has sheltered some terrorists. When they entered the house, they couldn't find no one there.

On going out, the US forces blindly fired the civilians in that district. A woman travelling home in a taxi was injuried.

Then the US forces attacked the Halls of Residents in the Saladdin University, they set fire to the place injurying 4 other innocent students preparing for their mid-term exams.

The Interium Ministry of the Kurdistan Regional Government has denounced the attack saying that the US forces could have worked with the Kurdistan police forces. If the US forces would have co-worked with the Kurdish police they wouldn't injury innocents.

Kurdistan TV interviewed several locals and this is what they said :

"If the US attacks us with no reason, then what was the difference between them and Saddam ?"

"We were asleep, suddenly shooting started out of the no where, all the children were waken up by the explosion sounds".

I think this was a stupid unnecessary job. Kurdistan enjoys a high level of peace and prosperity comparing to the rest of Iraq.
Logically, when you want to capture someone, you don't take your whole army there. No need for helicopters, no need for fighter jets. We have police forces who speak the local language. You contact the local police, and you send a 5-6 of your guys, you go to that address and find who you want.

It seems that the US commander in Iraq is a military man who doesn't speak the language of politics and "winning hearts and minds".
I think that the US military are very good in losing "Hearts & Minds". So last night, many hearts and minds were lost in a place known until last night as a "pro-US area".

Hawler (Irbil)

click here for mapHawler is the largest Kurdish city which hosts the Kurdistan parliament and the KDP-Kurdistan Regional government. It is the current capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government with a population of around 2 Million people.
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