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Vote 'Em Out

To all those who think to participate in the coming elections, and to those who think that they will boyocott it, please consider reading the following paragraph and use your judgemental skills to understand its concerns.

I , as many other angry ordinary Kurdish people decided before not to vote. Following a few discussions with friends, I came to the conclusion that without me voting, the elections will go through, this is because a "boyocott plan" has not been put by the Kurdistani people. So I decided to participate.

So to those who live in Kurdistan, and to those who live abroad, you have a chance to "Vote Out" unjustice, single-party ruling and fake democracy.

So instead of boyocotting the elections, boyocott the "Kurdistani Alliance List" (made up of PUK, KDP, and a few pro-PUK & KDP parties).

You may say "If I don't vote, nothing changes". But if you gather all these "single" votes you end up with thousands of votes. So every vote counts. Go to the polls ! And vote for any other party apart from the Kurdistani Alliance List.
Don't let the parties which ignited a civil war and later blamed it on all of us dominate the Kurdistan Parliament again.
Don't let the parties which once invited Saddam Hussein back to Kurdistan and later invited Turkey & Iran in their disgusting civil war to rule us again once more.
Don't let the people who only care about personal interests to rule us anymore.

Vote for the Independents & The Taylors (List number 173 for the Kurdistan Parliament).
The Kurdistan Independents & Taylors list programme is here in Kurdish, I will soon translate it to English (PDF file).
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