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Kurdish woman born in 1893 was not allowed to vote !

Aged 120 years, Rabia Mohammad Bakr, probably Kurdistan and Iraq's oldest human being, was not allowed to vote in Sunday's democratic elections.

Rabia was eager to vote, she turned up 3 times to vote, but because her name wasn't registered, she wasn't allowed to vote. She cried 3 times, but unfortunately, she wasn't allowed.

What a shame, someone probably waited 120 years for democracy and freedom, but as Kurds say, she wasn't not allowed to give her voice (vote).

Watch the interview (Kurdish).

Her birth certificate, one, two.

Winners and losers of the Iraqi and Kurdistani elections.

Swara has the pre-elemintary results of the elections in the some of Iraq and Kurdistan's provinces.

I will soon publish a post about violations conducted by the varying Kurdistani and Iraqi parties in the elections. (with video but needs translation).
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