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Kurds win in Mosul as well

The Kurdistan Alliance List and the Kurdistani-Brotherhood List in Mosul (162) have managed to get encouraging results.

PUKMedia reported that Kurdistan Alliance List has won about 35-40% of the votes in Mosul and the Kurdistani-Brotherhood List in Mosul has won %60 of the votes.

This is despite that around 200,000 voters of Kurdish and Assyrian and Chaldean backgrounds were deprived from voting because they were not provided with ballot boxes.
Towns and villages with a majority of Kurdish and Christian population didn't receive any ballot boxes or papers on Sunday's historic elections.
The Independent Iraqi Elections Committee didn't comment on the incident but there are rumours that Ghazi Yawar's Iraqis list may have been behind this.

I just want to add my comments on the recent Turkish government's agitation towards the results in Kirkuk, and tomorrow they may also agitate for the results in Mosul.

Democratically speaking the Kurdistan Brotherhood list has won over %68 of the votes in Kirkuk. Now if people were not convinced enough that Kirkuk is part of Kurdistan, they wouldn't have voted for this list in the elections. And the Turkish government should keep its noses off the border and not intervene in a democratic and historic elections aftermath.
It is better for Turkey to accept a peaceful life with us and should stop the intimidating racist remarks and comments. The people in Kurdistan do not have anything against Turkey or any other nations. We just ask for a peaceful life, is that too much ?!
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