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My French Connections

Just before I was going to add the "French translated" version of this blog to the sidebar, I received an email from Theirry "not Theirry Henry" about the kidnapping of Florence Aubenas, the French journalist.

OK I have a confession. I have some French Connections. Back in the 1970s, my uncle fled Saddam's henchmen to France, where he met a French lady and decided to settle down. So now I have a few half-French and half-Kurd cousins who find reading this blog difficult. That is why I added the Google translation but they told me that google translates word by word and not the concept...So that is a bit harder for the French.

Theirry's interest in the Iraq conflict has increased after the kidnapping of Florence and has decided to create a blog and also has done a superb job for translating a number of Iraq blogs including my one.
My blog entries in French
My photoblog in French (Thanks Theirry !!)
Florence Aubenas, a brave woman who dangered her life first for her love for the Iraqi people, and second for her passion for her job as a journalist, was kidnapped by a group of terrorist theives who have no sense of humanity at all.I have also added her photo to the sidebar...
May our prayers be with her and with all those who danger their life for the sake of the Iraqi people.
For more french connections, visit my Incoherent Thoughts, a blog by Sandrine aka Piling who also posts in KBU.
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