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PUK and KDP joint list win in Kurdistani Parliament Elections

The Kurdish weekly "Hawlati" published the results of the Kurdistan Parliament Elections on Wednesday.
I couldn't care less about the results as they were not encouraging. The two ruling parties with some other small Kurdish, ChaldoAssyrian and Turkmen parties announced their "Kurdistani Democratic List" before the elections.

The results showed that Kurdistani Democratic List won over %90 overall. Individuals and independents group won only a few thousands of votes.

This is not encouraging because there will be no opposition in the parliament. The second winners were the reformed extreme Islamicists.
The Kurdish Islamic Group (Komall) of which their leader is in US custody since 2003 has come in the second place.

Confusion and the lack of trust lead people to vote for the PUK-KDP list. Most of people say "At least we know these people".

How fair was the elections !?

I won't say it was or it wasn't. I will let you judge. The PUK-KDP list carried out their dirty tricks throughout the elections day. For example, in the smaller towns and villages the number of those who can't read and write are high. So when these people were coming to vote, the election worker (who is supposed to be neutral) was telling them "VOTE FOR KURDISTAN DEMOCRATIC LIST). Or for the provincial elections, they were told to vote (109 PUK in PUK ruled areas) and vote for (KDP in KDP ruled areas).
This video taken by a Kurdish news website shows an observer on the day of the elections complaining about the election workers telling people to vote for the KDP-PUK list.

Because of the lack of international observers, some ballot boxes weren't sealed at 8 pm on 30/01/05.
But because of the sensitivity and the importance of the coming 10 months to Kurds, people don't really care about the Kurdistan Parliament. It is the Iraqi Parliament and Kirkuk which people are worried about.
As a guy of 68 years of age told me, "Once we make Kurdistan with Kirkuk as the capital a federal state in the permanent Iraqi constitution, we will come back to Kurdistan and work on building democracy. But before that guarantee, democracy in Kurdistan could not have any meaning"> .

Nationalist Arabs, USA & Turkey in an evil plan

There are reports in the Kurdish press that Nationalist Arabs backed up by USA and democratic Turkey are now working in cancelling huge number of Kurdish votes.
The expected President of the Kurdistan Federal State, Massou Barzani, said in a press conference today that we won't allow anyone to play with our future and our votes.
The reports said that the Election Results are delayed because the Elections Comittee are working in cancelling about 90 000 votes of Kurds in Kirkuk. They say these voters weren't born in 1957.
They forget that %50 of Kirkuk's Arabs were never born in Kirkuk and about %80 of them have arrived in Kirkuk after 1970.
Another report suggested in the Kurdish press saying that USA wants to keep the Kurdish representation in Iraq as low as %25.
This comes as the Kurdistani List is expected to win about %34 of the votes in the Iraqi Elections.

So now you know why the election results are not coming out as they were expected.
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