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A reply to a Turkish blogger

I accidently ended up in some Turkish blogs. I came across Zikzak's blog in which he points out to Hiwa, and Medya's rather not very friendly remarks against the Turks in general.

We, the people of Kurdistan, don't hate Turks. I don't share Medya's and Hiwa's remarks.
We don't like the Turkish government's racist remarks and threats against us, and that is probably being reflected among some of our people.
In South Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan), most of the companies who work here are Turkish. The Turkish companies have won most of the important projects, including the Sulaimani Airport. So if "racism" was the case, I wouldn't have seen any Turkish companies in Kurdistan.

So "hate" is not the word to describe the relations between Kurds & Turks from the Kurdish side. I would rather use "boredom from harrassments of the Turkish government".

If you read this and this and this and that , you should realise how much tensions and threats are coming from the Turkish government.
I think Turkey should accept the democratic elections in Kirkuk with a big heart, because a peaceful and democratic neighbour on your South-Eastern borders is in Turkey's benefits, as much as a democratic European Turkey is in our benefit.

I don't know why the Turkish government insists in interfering in Kirkuk, and also why it claims to be protecting the Turkmens, while Turkey didn't say a word about the Turkmens while Saddam was in power.
The Turkmens are much closer to Kurds ratehr than to Turks. We have shared a long peaceful history together. I don't think there is a need to spoil that.
I guess the nationalist Turkish Generals in the Turkish Army are pushing the government to make these threats, and I hope that is the case, I hope it is not coming from the Turkish people.

I beleive that Turks & Kurds can live peacefully side by side, in the Middle East, without anyone of each others trying to nominate or control the other.
We can help each other towards a peaceful and democratic Middle East.

P.S. More signitures are needed please for Talabani's blog !

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