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So what's a photocopier ?!

I was just reading the comments section here, and it seems that most people are not able to accept the report which was published in Jemawer a couple of days ago.

Psychologically speaking, I can understand why some Americans are not ready to accept the reality of what their soldiers do.
Their brain, automatically rejects any negative stories about themselves. For example, until this day there are Arabs who still believe that Israel was responsible for September 11th. This is normal by the way.

When the photos of Abu Ghreb prisoners abuse came out, we heard stories of "digital editing" and "Islamic propaganda" etc. Until this moment, there are Americans who can't accept that their soldiers are responsible for that. This is normal from a psychologist point of view, the impact of these events are outside their brain magnitude of acceptance.

When I translated the report from Jemawer, most of the Americans automatically were trying to find excuses to make the report look fault. i.e. Asking why do we need to buy a photocopier in a Kurdish store ?!
The Reasons
Well, a photocopier is used to make multiple copies of a paper for those who don't know. And second, electronic equipments are the cheapest in Kurdistan and Iraq. Third, it takes 2 months if the US unit ask for a photocopier to be shipped from USA. Fourth, supply lines from Baghdad are usually hit by "insurgents".

So for all those reasons, it is practically easier if you buy one from a local store for half of the price of the shipping rather than ordering one from USA. Plus these units can't wait for ever for a photocopier. So for those who try to be "analytical" it is better to consider what is on the ground rather than what is on the papers.

Then instead of using cheap words, why not contact the newspaper itself ?! Someone posted the details on the commenting section but here it is again :

Jemawer Weekly
+964 7701570917

Ironical email : hemn at freedom.usa.com
(damn you spams)
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