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US soldiers misbehave in Duhok

The Mazi Supermarket in Duhok, Kurdistan.

According to the Kurdish newspaper "Jemawer" (Jemawer 21/02/05 PDF file page 1), a group of US soldiers attacked the Mazi Supermarket, the biggest supermarket in Kurdistan and all over Iraq (8000 meter square), after they were refused a refund.

Apparently the US soldiers from Mosul bought a photocopier in Mazi Supermarket a month ago, they returned to the store in Duhok to return it and asked for a refund, they were told they can't get any refunds on items which were sold for over a month, but if there is any faulty with it, they are ready to fix it.

But the US soldiers didn't listen, their commander ordered to break up the "money safe" and they stole some money and went back to Mosul.

Now this incident might be a small one, but in which country, except an occupied one, do soldiers have the right to use power to get a refund ?
Are they allowed to do that in USA ?! How would the American people themselves feel if their policemen and soldiers did that in Texas, or Washington ?!

One of the reasons of why the "insurgency" or "resistance" (or whatever you call it) is on the increase is because of the misbehaviour of the US army.

They are not acting like "liberators" at all. They are acting like a bunch of aggressive, power-abusing nasty outlaws. As usual, of course not all, but those who act like that are spoiling the efforts of the rest.
If you want to stop the "insurgency", behave your soldiers, and soon all those who have joined Zarqawi-Baath Ltd will return to their normal lifes.
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