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The Gasha School ~ European Teaching in Kurdistan

The Gasha School is an primary and secondary school made for those children who have returned to Kurdistan from Europe/USA etc.
The school was opened by the Kurdistan Save The Children , a charity organisation supported by the British Save The Children.

Last week the Kurdish weekly "Hawlati" reported that there is a clash of cultures between the European returning teenage students, and the local Kurdish teachers. " (PDF file, report in Kurdish)
The Kurdish culture is somehow conservative, with liberalism on the increase, but yet not to the European level. For example, if a 16 years old smokes in a school, he/she would guarantee a ban for life. Sometimes students are punished for smaller things, like having a set of photos of models, football players, or any other fun-related stuff.
Beating in Kurdistan schools was a routine, until recently, but still it takes place despite the Kurdistan government's efforts to stop it.

Jessica, a British volunteer is the head of the school. (I posted her elections diaries once thanks to her friend Maureen). She is saying that the Kurdish government is not doing much to help the school. In her room, there are pictures made by the younger students for her, and on the other bench, there are packets of cigarettes, and bottles of alcohol, all caught by the school from students. She says she is showing these as evidence to the parents of the expelled students.

Despite all the difficulties, this school is a great solution for those children who have returned to Kurdistan from Europe. Since these students have had European education, it is very hard for them to adapt in Kurdish schools. So far Gasha has around 250 students.

p.s. Newroz (Kurdish New Year)'s celeberations start from tomorrow ! Time to party !
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