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Happy New Kurdish Year ! Happy Newroz 2705

Kurdish girls wearing traditional Kurdish clothes are dancing in Newroz celeberations in schools.

Tomorrow, is the first day of Newroz (Newroz means New Day) ,the first day of 2705 in the Kurdish calendar.
Since yesterday, 19th of March, the celeberations have already started. People have turned into wild party-animals. There are no places in Kurdistan where you don't see partying and loud dance music.
Most schools carried out their Newroz activies, where students party, participate in theatre shows, and comedian stand ups.

Most people wear traditional colourful Kurdish clothes. Today, there will be a fire memorial to officially start Newroz. All the touristic attractions in Kurdistan will be packed during these days, where thousands go out to picnic and spend the day in the mountains and near the lakes.

The fire is a symbol for freedom and a new dawn. This is because it was used as a sign to announce the end of a suppressive regime some 2705 years ago. There was a king called (Zuhak) where he was killed many Kurds. This led to an uprising by a smith called Kawa The Smith and ended the suppresive regime and brought freedom to Kurds at that day. When he managed to kill (Zuhak), he used a fire from the top of Zuhak's palace to tell the people in the mountains that Zuhak is dead. Whether it is myth or reality, it doesn't stop people from celeberating it.

I hope everyone would have a happy and peaceful "Newroz" and hope Newroz's freedom symbol "Fire" would soon be displayed for all the oppressed people.

Newroz Piroz Everyone ! = Happy Newroz

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