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Iraq : The Cancer Case
Ever wondered why Iraq has never worked as a state since its artificial creation in 1921 ?! Many people link Iraq's current failure in security and stability to the presence of the foreign forces.

Looking at Iraq's history since the day it was established in 1921, there has never been a peaceful period of time that we could identify. When the (Americans+Britons et. al., 2003) arrived, people started to become interested in Iraq. But they don't acknowledge Iraq's history.

Created by Churchill in 1921, Iraq was designed in a way that it could never succeed. Let's face it, can you count 5 subsequent peaceful years in Iraq's history since 1921 ?
Iraq was created by forcing three different type of people to live under one roof. In marriages, when the wife and the husband are not very happy together, they decide to put an end to the marriage.
The three different people were already living in different states. The Kurds were part of the Mosul Willayet (province) , the Sunni Arabs mainly concentrated in Baghdad Willayet, and the Shias were mainly in the Basra Willayet.
The forced marriage of Kurds, Arab Sunnis and Arab Shias was proposed by The British Empire . Just like in some Eastern cultures, the marriage was carried out by the father (British foreign Ministry) without the knowledge of the boys or girls (Kurds, Sunnis, Shias).

So after experiencing a bitter 80 years of an unwanted marriage, now the uncle (US government) is coming for giving advice. Of course, just like the some Eastern cultures, a failed marriage is a big shame. Therefore it has to work, despite that the husband and the wife, the two very important components of the marriage process, are not very happy with the decisions.

You try to solve a problem, a hundred more problems emerge. This is what is now happening with the Americans. Let me compare what the Americans are now like with Iraq, a friend of mine is working in fixing electricity generators, he says that some generators are called "Cancer" because there are no ways they could be repaired. They can be repaired of the cost of 2 new generators. So when they see any of these generators, they tell their owners "This is cancer we won't touch it". I asked why, why you just don't try to fix it for them. He told me "I fix one thing, 10 more things break, I fix 10 more things, I mess up what I already did in the beginning. Then you finally fix everything, 1000 more things need to be changed. In the end, the total cost of all the repair services will be twice the price of a new generator. So what is the point ? You can't do anything to cancer.
Iraq is pretty much the same. It is a cancer case. You fix up one thing, you mess up another 100. Now the elections took place, which is a great step forward, but guess what will happen next ?!
Al-Sistani, an influential Islamic extremist cleric is already nominating everything in Iraq's politics. He blesses who is going to be the Prime Minister, the cabinet Ministers, what rules Iraq will have, etc.
Ayad Allawi, the current Iraqi PM, today has called for a stop for Sistani's influence on Iraq's politics. So this reminds me of my friend. Iraq's democracy is finally fixed, but now let's face its outcomes. And try to fix up the consequences. When we fix up the consequences, 100 more problems emerge. When you try to solve the 100 more problems, 1000 more emerge. That is when you finally come to a conclusion that a forced marriage would not work.

Because of Mesopotamia's wealth, all the superpowers in this world has invaded this land in the current borders of Iraq. From "Alexander The Great" to the "Mangols" to the "Ottomans" to the "Britons" and finally the "Americans".
If Iraq not fixed up properly this time, I see us in the same position in the next 100 years. With China now having the capability of becoming the next superpower, I am now thinking of buying a "Learn Chinese in 100 Years" book so that when they arrive, I can blog in "Chinese " from my grave.

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