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Newroz News from all parts of Greater Kurdistan

I have covered Newroz (Kurdish New Year) celeberations in South Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan), I think now it is time to talk about the rest of the areas of Greater Kurdistan.

(p.s. Kurds don't give a damn about those artificial borders which are imposed on us, so we are looking at ourselves as Kurds first, before being Iraqis, Iranians, Turkish or Syrians or any more artificial identities).

Northern Kurdistan

Kurdistan flag in DiyarBakir (Amed)!

Estimated 1 Million Kurds turned up for the Newroz celeberations in Diyar Bakir, the Kurdish capital in Northern Kurdistan (South East Turkey), with 150 EU observers, as well as Leyla Zana (who was sentenced to life because she spoke Kurdish in the Turkish Parliament in 1994) and many more famous people.

The celeberators carried the Kurdistan flags as they danced to some famous Kurdish singers such as Ibrahim Tatlises, Cwan Haco, and Gulestan Perwer.

Over a million people turned up

Turkish security forces were on high alert, but too bad for them as they couldn't stop people from celeberating due to the high presence of EU officials.

The Turkish nationalist newspaper, Hurriyet, claims that the crowd have attempted to burn the Turkish flag, something which doesn't represent the estimated 20 Million Kurds in that country. The Turkish army's racist mentality couldn't accept that 20 Million people are being forced to live as minorities Turks (very huge number for a minority!) and they have issued a warning statement to the Kurds and have called them "Unloyal Citizens".

"Some of the people attending the party were calling for a confederal, democratic state"
The Turkish newspapers are all gone wild over the massive turn-out of people. All the Turkish dailys have the headline "Proud Turkish flag dis-respected by Kurds"
I don't know why should the Kurds be loyal to Turkey ?! They are being called Turks, their identity is being denied, which is the very basic law of human rights.
Besides, there are still people out there who use Turkey as a terror-tool against the Kurds in south Kurdistan (oh you do that Turkey kills you all). It is very ironic, as these people who use Turkey to terrorise Kurds, are themselves engaged in fighting terrorism.

Now let them face the 20 Million people up North. Using Terror will never suppress people. It will make people stronger.

Eastern Kurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan).

According to Peyamner.com, Kurds in Sna and Mehabad cities in Eastern Kurdistan have started Newroz celeberations amid tight security measures. The meaning of Newroz is different for Kurds (concept is freedom) and to Iranians (begining of Spring). Around 1000 youngsters have gathered in Chwar Chra Square in Mehabad (the square where the first Kurdish State was announced) and flew Kurdistan flag. Iranian forces have soon arrived in the place and have made some arrests.

Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan)

Kurds have gathered in Amude, and Qamishlo and some other cities and have started the Newroz fire on the hills. More photos from Amude.com

In south Kurdistan there are still 4 more days to celeberate, but this Newroz has been the best so far as it has united us all without giving a damn to those artificial borders which were imposed on us by some random people hundreds of miles away from us some 80 years ago.
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