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Newroz Photos from Kurdistan

Newroz Fire, Suleimani, Kurdistan, 20th of March 2005.

A Kurdish child smiles for Newroz. Behind, Newroz's Fire ! Fire is a symbol of Newroz

The Newroz Fire today in Suleimani, Kurdistan, with the Kurdistan flag.

A Kurdish girl in tradtional clothes celeberating Newroz, in Istanbul, Turkey.

A Kurdish Police (Peshmerga) protecting the streets in Suleimani Kurdistan. Iraqis demand disbanding our Peshmergas.

Another Kurdish Peshmerga protects the streets in Suleimani, as masses of cars and people turned to the streets to dance and celeberate Newroz, the new Kurdish year of 2705.

Kurdish Peshmergas arrive to control the security in the streets of Suleimani, Kurdistan as masses of people turned to the streets to celeberate Newroz amid threats of terrorist activities.

Kurds in Istanbul, Turkey celeberate Newroz in masses.

Newroz Piroz Be ! (Happy Newroz)
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