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Sistani is Angry !!

click here for the photoWhich is more spiritual ?! Iraqi Al-cohol or Al-Sistani ?!

Saint Al-Sistani, the indirect Iraqi President and Prime Minister and Noble-Prize Superman, has become angry over the delay of the government talks due to the Kurdish New Year holidays.

Doesn't Al-Sistani know that the people in Kurdistan are now busy drinking to his health ?! People are busy trying to get a place in the touristic attractions because it is our new year, it is just once a year....

Apparently Al-Sistani, who is in full charge of the winning United Iraqi Alliance (169) wants a quick formation of the Iraqi government, but he doesn't aknowledge that he and his nationalist Arabic thinking was the main reason of why the government formation was delayed until now. He and his UIA winners refused the return of the Kurdish refugees to Kirkuk, and wanted to limit Kurdish autonomy.

If Al-Sistani is serious about forming a government, let him come to one of touristic places in Kurdistan while the holiday lasts and sign the government deal, we will aslo have a pint or two of his best spiritual drinks !

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